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Cooking Thermometers, Timers & Food Scales

AccuTemp brand cooking thermometers have been providing essential support to north american kitchens for decades. Thermometers are the most efficient defense against bacteria and food contaminants. It is vital to ensure your food is cooked to the proper internal temperature and that your oven, fridge and freezer are registering accurate temperatures.

Cook with confidence in the kitchen or with your BBQ and take the guesswork out of food safety and preparation. Our assortment of mechanical, digital and wireless technology will keep your family safe and your favourite recipes delicious.

A food scale is a growing category for the cook who is detailed or cautious about portion control. Digital, attractive yet simple to use, a food scale will assist you during and following a diet.

Our scales operate to help you track your calorie intake and some models can calculate an assortment of nutritional values of the portion you are measuring.